Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Put An End To Negative Behaviors

The cognitive behavioural therapy is based on the belief that every individual’s behavior is strongly impacted by his/her feelings and thoughts. The time one spends thinking about something becomes visible in his/her behavior. The basis of the theory can be further explained by the example of a person who spends excessive time thinking about air accidents such as plane crashes. Such a person would begin to develop a fear in him and therefore will avoid travelling by an aircraft.

The therapy helps individuals to understand that all factors may not be controlled by humans however they can surely choose how to redirect disturbing thoughts that otherwise tend to produce a negative behavior. In a broader sense, cognitive behavioral therapy includes a range of therapies based on a variety of emotional disorders and human behaviors. The three main types of therapies are:

• Multimodal Therapy
• Rational Emotive Therapy
• Cognitive Therapy

Problematic behaviors, which can affect life areas such as relationships, family, friendships and work life, can be treated using this therapy. Various clinical centers such as professionally offer therapy sessions to individuals facing emotional and mood disorders. The therapy is a well researched one and has proven to be an excellent tool to help develop coping skills that turn out to be helpful in the future as well.

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